2019-2020 West Portal Elementary Education Fund: Building a Bright Future

The West Portal Parents Club (WPPC) is working to build a bright future for our kids.  Our three building blocks for doing this are: to promote and enrich the quality of education, to develop a closer connection between school, home, and community, and to raise funds for school programs. A new school year means a fresh start for fundraising. Though tax dollars pay for the basic infrastructure at West Portal, without financial contributions from our families, many of the activities and educational opportunities that your child loves would not exist. Today we are asking you to help us in Building a Bright Future by contributing to The Ed Fund - our direct giving campaign. All money from the Ed Fund is exclusively used to support West Portal Elementary.

 WPPC investments enhance your child’s education. Approximately 80% of the Parents Club budget funds school support staff. As a result, West Portal students learn plant biology in the garden with Mrs. Mack, rather than merely looking at pictures in a textbook. They learn to create and love music with Ms. Susan, rather than simply listening to music in a classroom. Student days are transformed from okay to great through interactions with our wonderful Elementary Advisors, Ms. Monique and Ms. Moir; our STEAM teacher, Ms. Susie; our Rec & Park Recess Coordinator, Coach Rankin; and Mrs. Callaghan, former West Portal kindergarten teacher who now serves as our librarian on Wednesdays, when the library would otherwise be closed.

 In addition to human support, we fund campus enhancements (classroom book libraries, auditorium improvements, mobile Chromebook carts, picnic tables, etc.), community events (movie nights, Halloween Carnival, Read-a-Palooza, Maker Playground, School Musical, etc.), in-school programs (e.g., Girls Leadership and Wellness programs) and classroom needs (rugs, furniture, field trip transportation, smart boards, etc).

 Fundraising Goal. Each year the Parents Club raises money through three main fundraisers: the Ed Fund, the Read-A-Thon, and the Auction/Raffle. This year our Ed Fund goal is to collect at least $175,000 and our cumulative fundraising goal is to collect $350,000. Though this is an ambitious goal, we did it last year and together we can do it again!

 Suggested Ed Fund Contribution: Our standard request is $500 per student. However, we ask that every family give the most substantial gift possible – some families give $10, others give $10,000. All donors will be recognized equally, regardless of donation size. All Ed Fund donations are 100% tax deductible.

 We strongly encourage all donors to ask if their employers make matching contributions. Last year 44% ($80,541) of Ed Fund contributions came through corporate payments. If you need any help with matching requests, please contact us at EdFund@westportalschool.com

On behalf of our children, our teachers, our staff and our parents,

thank you for helping us build a better West Portal.

Questions?  Email EdFund@westportalschool.com

To donate, please follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Fill out this form.

Please print the form and fill it out in its entirety.

Step 2: Check to see if your company matches donations.

Did you know that many companies, large and small, will match your donation?  This is a great way to double (or sometimes Triple!) your money for West Portal!  Last year we collected >$75,000 through corporate payments.  Please ask an HR rep at your company if they match charitable donations. If they do, please request a match for West Portal. It's free money for us -- the best kind!

Step 3: Send us your donation.

You may donate either online (below) or by sending us your donation. Please make it payable to "West Portal Parents Club".   

Please send your form from Step 1 above along with your donation.  You can drop them off in the school's office, in your child’s Thursday folder, or mail them to: 5 Lenox Way, San Francisco, CA 94127. Please do not mail cash.   

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On behalf of our children, our teachers, our staff and our parents, 

thank you for your commitment and support.