Welcome to West Portal Elementary School! We hope your family will soon feel at home here.

Our school is known for its history of excellence. Our teachers and staff are dedicated, experienced, and capable educators. We boast a strong and diverse community supporting almost 600 students in the General Education and Cantonese Language Immersion Programs.

We are also proud that our unified Parents Club serves the entire school population. All parents and guardians are considered members of the Parents' Club as soon as their child enrolls at West Portal. The Parents Club supports many in-school programs, technology upgrades, and free events for our school community. 


Here is a welcome booklet we've prepared to give you more information about our school and Parents Club:
Welcome Booklet  |  欢迎小册子 - 中国  |  Manual de Bienvenida

As a first step toward joining our community, we encourage you to sign up for our electronic newsletters and Facebook page by hitting the button below.  By signing up for newsletters you'll get weekly messages from the school, our monthly newsletter "The Panther Press", and other important messages.  The Facebook page lets you know when important information is posted to our website and keeps you in touch with our parent community.

We view our parents as our most valuable resource and we always need volunteer help. Please consider volunteering in the classroom or at a community event. It's a great way to get to know our school better.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

The West Portal Parents Club