Traffic safety is an incredibly important issue at our school.  We are surrounded on three sides by very busy streets that are very dangerous to cross.

Almost every year we have had an unfortunate accident involving a car and a student or parent.  This issue is very real.

With that in mind, we ask that you adhere to these important (and common sense!) guidelines:

  1. NEVER double-park on Lenox or Claremont.  You will stop traffic to a stand-still, slow down all drop-offs, and create an unsafe environment for everyone.
  2. NEVER make a U Turn on Lenox. It's not safe and will gum up traffic as well.
  3. Only cross at crosswalks.

Here is a map recommending safe places to park your car and cross the streets to get to the school.

Parking map (English)

Parking map (Cantonese)