Jamba BOGO Card

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Jamba BOGO Card


Keep Cool Over The Summer!

Load up on some Jamba Juice BOGO Cards now thru 5/18/18 before the summer starts and keep things sweet and cool when the fog lifts.

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Here's how it works. You buy this card and it'll allow you to buy six (6) buy one, get one free smoothies. You buy one smoothie, you get one free when the card is scanned leaving you with five (5) BOGOs left on the card. Pretty simple. If you were to maximize each purchase, you end up saving $35 in free smoothies. Here are the details:

  • Cards usable anywhere in CA except in resorts like Di$neyland
  • Card does not expire
  • Card can be used all at once - buy 6 smoothies, get 6 free
  • Buy 10 cards and I'll give you one FREE
  • Don't forget to check with friends, families, coworkers if they want to buy some!