West Portal Elementary School

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Music Makers

About the Program

Susan Appe provides our wonder Music program described here in her own words:

My most important goal with the kids is to give them a way to feel powerful in the world, and to tell their story through music. I enjoy teaching a fun, physical, culturally relevant and dynamic music class that includes beatboxing, instrument making, drumming, theater games, rhyming, clapping games, dance, traditional music, sound experiments, rapping, song writing, improvisation and songs from around the world. My curriculum is based on the universal building blocks of music and rhythm so that the kids can actually learn to understand all music from the inside out. Composition is a huge part of my curriculum; whether it is composing rhythms on the garbage cans on the corner or experimenting with melody in a game of analog Simon. We play, listen to, and analyze many types of music from hip hop, shantys, blues and boogie woogie to classical, calypso, folk, rock and pop.


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