Welcome Incoming 2018-2019 Kindergartners!

A warm welcome to our incoming West Portal Elementary kindergarten class! We are looking forward to getting to know you and continuing to welcome you to our community over the summer and coming years. A few notes about upcoming events and communication:

Summer Playdates

Your enrollment packet includes dates, times, and locations for three summer playdates, this June, July, and August. All of the playdates will be a great chance to meet current families and other incoming kinder families. During the August playdate, your child will receive their teacher assignment, and the kindergarten teachers will be in attendance! We’ll also provide a handbook for incoming kindergarten families at the August playdate.


Hopefully you’ve already received emails from the West Portal Parent Club. If you have not, please email kinder_fun@westportalschool.com with:

  1. First and Last Name and email address for Parent/Guardian 1

  2. First and Last Name and email address for Parent/Guardian 2

  3. First and Last Name for Student

  4. First and Last Name, and 2018-2019 Grade for Student’s sibling (if sibling will also attend West Portal)


We held a kindergarten orientation in April. If you enrolled after Round 1 or weren’t able to make it for another reason, not to worry! You can find the slides here. The slides were prepared by the entire kindergarten teaching staff and cover the basics of arrival, what to bring, what to expect, etc.


For questions at any point, or to be connected to a current family to speak about particular experiences or issues, feel free to email kinder_fun@westportalschool.com.

The tour packet, which includes general information about the school, is available at http://www.westportalschool.com/school-tours/.