Aloha West Portal - Spring Auction

Dear West Portal Families and Community,

Dig out your Hawaiian shirts and ukuleles and get ready for this year’s tropical, luau-themed Spring Auction!

It’s our largest community event/fundraiser—we count on it to raise about a third of the annual Parent Club operating budget. These funds pay for programs our kids love (and are not funded by the San Francisco Unified School District), including our full-time music teacher, full-time librarian, the Outdoor Science/Garden program, two student support consultants, recess coordinators, classroom technology, and physical education equipment.

That’s why it’s so important to support the Spring Auction. Plus, it’s fun!

As you know, West Portal Elementary is recognized as a California Distinguished Elementary School—and we couldn’t do it without you. Thanks to you and our talented staff, eager children and supportive community, our school consistently exceeds measures of student academic performance and social/emotional support.

Mark Your Calendar

Aloha West Portal - Spring Auction Night
Saturday, March 11, 6- 10 pm
St. Francis Episcopal Church
Free childcare will be available at West Portal Elementary, donated by Steve and Kate’s Camp

Online Auction & Raffle

As part of the auction fundraising, we also will hold an online auction February 28-March 8, and a raffle ticket sale starting this week.  Visit this website for more information:

We Need Your Help: More Parties and Activities

To make this event a success and reach our fundraising goal, we need broad support from our parent community. In particular, this year we are focused on more “experiential” and community-focused auction items, such as parties or group activities. So get your friends together and come up with a party, group hike, mom or dads’ night out, or kids activity!

What you can do:

  • Host a party with a group of parents or your child’s teacher to auction off (“buy-in parties”)
  •  Sell raffle tickets to friends and family with your children
  • Solicit a few items for the online auction from your favorite local businesses (pick up forms in front of the school office)
  • Secure donations for live auction items—airline ticket vouchers, rental homes, local celebrities—all ideas welcome!
  • Buy raffle tickets and items on the online auction
  • Purchase tickets for and attend the Spring Auction Night luau
  • Volunteer your time before and during the Spring Auction Night event
  • If you have ideas for buy-in parties or items you can secure for the online auction, would like to volunteer your time for auction night, or have questions about how you can help, please contact:

Mahalo for your support!