Read-a-Thon 2016 is on!

The annual Read-a-Thon is on!

Running from November 10 through November 27, the Read-a-Thon encourages each student’s love of reading while raising very critical funds for our school -- supporting many vital enrichment programs for our students, including outdoor science, library, and music (just to name a few!).

Here's how it works:

  1. Packets went home with students on Thursday, Nov 10, with instructions and reading logs.
  2. Students READ READ READ, and log their reading minutes in their Read-a-Thon logs and get sponsors for their reading. 
  3. Students collect their sponsors' donations and turn them in with the reading logs on Monday, November 28.
  4. We tally up the totals and announce prizes for top-reading and top-fundraising individual students AND classrooms!
  5. EVERYONE wins!

We shattered our record last year for the amount of funds raised. Let's see if we can do it again! 

How to sponsor a student in the Read-a-Thon:

All donations are tax-deductible and eligible for matching grants from participating corporations. There are 2 ways to donate:

  • Contribute cash or write a check made out to West Portal Parents Club. Each student will collect their sponsors contributions and return them with their Read-a-Thon packets to their teachers on Monday, November 28.
  • Donate online (new option this year)

If you need more blank reading logs and sponsor sheets, get them from the main office or email us at


一年一度的閱讀馬拉松又來臨了!這活動不但能提升你子女的閱讀興趣,更可為學校籌得極需要的資金。透過閱讀馬拉松,西門小學的大家庭為我們的學生支助多個重要的豐富課程如戶外科學,圖書館,及音樂等等。想一想,如果每位同學至少籌得$30,就可為學校籌到 $17,000或更多!







1.     åœ¨åä¸€æœˆåæ—¥è‡³äºŒåä¸ƒæ—¥æœŸé–“,同學們自己閱讀或給小朋友閱讀二十至三十分鐘,或更多時間,然後把每日閱讀時間登記在閱讀馬拉松紀錄册內。

2.     åŒå­¸å¾žå®¶äººï¼Œæœ‹å‹ï¼Œå’Œé„°å±…收集捐款,把款項紀錄在閱讀馬拉松認捐表內。 捐贈者可作每分鐘計算 (例如每讀1分鐘捐25 cents) 或一次過捐整筆款項($10, $20, $100, $500或以上)。

3.     ææ¬¾æ”¯ç¥¨æŠ¬é ­è«‹å¯« â€œWest Portal Parents Club” æˆ– â€œWPPC”。 二百五十元以上的捐款,捐款證明書將會以電郵寄出, 如果您在認捐表上有提供捐款者的電郵地址。至於對於二百五十元或以下的捐款, 您可交給認捐款者一張認捐證明收據。捐款者也可以上網 æè´ˆã€‚

4.     è¨˜ä½:所有捐款均可用作扣税用途 (501c(3) Non-profit Tax I.D. #94-3069763) ,也可以通過參與配對機構作捐贈!。


5.     åœ¨æ˜ŸæœŸä¸€,11/28/2016, åŒå­¸æŠŠé–±è®€ç´€éŒ„,捐贈表,及所有捐款(支票或現金)放入付上的信封內,交回班房老師。 請在信封面及支票上寫上學生的姓名及課室號碼。每張捐贈支票也要寫上學生的姓名及課室號碼。確保你孩子籌得的款項得到應有的積分。

6.     åœ¨é€™æ¬¡æ´»å‹•ä¸­ï¼Œé–±è®€æ™‚間最長及籌款最多的同學及課室,將會得到獎品和特別慶祝活動。得獎名單和獎品將於閱讀馬拉松完成後公布。