Nature Bridge Info

Below are some resources you can use as you share your NatureBridge program with parents and families. There was a question about high school chaperones that was checked with the Director of Risk Management and he said that all chaperones must be over the age of 18. 

  • Parent Night PowerPoint - please download to your computer so you can edit the powerpoint as needed.
  • Handout Information for Families: Our Family Packet has everything you need to share with your parents and students. This packet includes a parent letter, information about our program and campus, packing list and student registration form. We have this in both English and Spanish.
  • Handout Information for Chaperones: Use this guide and application to help select great chaperones to support your trip, Guidelines for Selecting Chaperones. Once your chaperones are selected share this packet which lays out the trip and discusses the chaperone’s role in program success. We have this in both English and Spanish.

For more information, contact information and a parent's perspective, please check out the full post on the Community Website.