Mooncake Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival, Mooncake Festival, Harvest Moon Festival, Children's Festival, Lantern Festival, and etc. Whatever you call it, it is upon us on September 27th and it's a time to enjoy some delicious Mooncakes.

It's a time for family gatherings after harvesting crops from the likes of Safeway, Lucky's, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods to prepare a feast. To give thanks for bountiful harvests from the farmer's and supermarkets. A celebration of unions and wishing well for babies, spouses, longevity and any good stuff you can think of.

Play-Doh Mooncake from Clara Lu's class

Play-Doh Mooncake from Clara Lu's class

It's moon worship dating back to the Shang Dynasty where legend has it that the harvest celebration originally began with worshiping mountain gods and the belief that the moon and water are associated with rejuvenation. This Sunday also happens to be the night you can see the Blood Moon, so you got that going while you nibble on mooncakes.

I was amused to find the faux mooncakes made with ingredients I can't recall from Clara Lu's class. Very cool and fun! If you're feeling adventurous, here's a recipe to make your own mooncakes - linked here. You'll do a good job - I'll help taste test. Alternatively, you can follow my very own mooncake recipe below:

Easy Mooncakes
Prep Time: 15min / Difficulty: Lazy

  1. Get in car
  2. Drive to Sunset Super, 99 Ranch or Costco
  3. Buy Mooncakes
  4. Eat, then smile