New: Everyone Must Sign Up For School Emails on Website


Update Your Email Addresses With The School

The school needs to send you important news and information via “message folders” as well as the Panther Press, our monthly newsletter.  We used to do this by sending large stacks of paper to roughly 500 families each week.  Instead, we now send almost all communications home electronically.  This has eliminated tons (yes tons!) of paper waste, freed up considerable volunteer time, and saved the school a ton of money.

Accordingly, we ask that each family subscribe to receive their “message folders” via email.  

To sign up for it please fill out this form on our website, even if you think you have sent us your email already this year.  

You will need a password to access the form.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: the password was distributed Thursday, 8/20, in the paper message folder.  Please complete the sign up process before Monday 8/24.  It takes about 1 minute to complete.  

If you cannot find the password, please write to to ask for it.  Be sure to include the name of each of your students who attend West Portal, their room numbers, teacher's names, and your relationship to those students so that we can validate that you are a legitimate member of the school.

Everyone in our community will share this password, but we do ask that you only share it with members of the West Portal School community who need to know it (parents, relatives, caregivers, etc.).  We do this to make sure only legitimate people have access to our emails and the parts of our website that are private.  Please help us to keep our online environment secure.

Once you have signed up, you will automatically be subscribed to the new West Portal Elementary School Community Forum.  It’s a Google Group that the school will use to send electronic communications home.  You may also use it to communicate with others in the West Portal Community just by sending an email.  All messages are saved in the forum’s archives to help you find important information later.  The address for the Community Forum is:


This forum will soon replace the Yahoo Group we used in years past.  Please subscribe to the new group immediately to receive school communications without interruption.

Before you choose to write to the forum, please consider whether you want your email to go to ALL of the almost 500 families in our community.  Please make sure your message is short, to the point, appropriate and relevant to us all.  The group is moderated to ensure that only proper messages are actually delivered.

Also please consider joining our school's Facebook group by "Liking" our page.  It's a great way to hear about important events and also share information, pictures, and more with other parents.