Break? What Break? Busy Summer for the Parents Club

It’s been a cool summer for the West Portal Parents Club (WPPC). We all enjoyed time with our families, but we also did our fair share of work getting ready for the upcoming school year. Why? Because we’re so excited to see familiar faces and welcome new ones. We had a great year of fundraising in 2014-2015 and we are working hard to put that money to good use! 

Our fearless leader and president Lenette Thompson has been guiding us feverishly to be more prepared than ever for the coming year. Here’s what’s been happening this summer:

  • Campus Improvements: The bungalows in Yard 3 got a fresh coat of paint and window cleaning.

Mr. Lucey organized a BIG campus clean-up day with BIG success – many rooms & storage areas were cleaned out and lots of old & worn furniture/technology was removed. While many of us worked, we also admired the inspiring and colorful playground painting that was done by a hearty group of SalesForce volunteers powered by PlayWorks.

  • Computer Lab: we are so excited to announce that we FINALLY have a computer lab at West Portal! We still have some work to do to get it up and running, so keep an eye out for updates and calls for volunteers. 
  • Funding Teacher Requests:  The Parents Club is working to establish even clearer lines of communication with teachers to ensure that WPPC funds are being used in ways that they find meaningful, thereby benefiting all our students and the WP community. On that note, we took wishlist requests from teachers just as the school year ended and were able to fulfill MANY of them this summer using WPPC funds. Some of these requests were for new work stations, tables and chairs, classroom equipment, and more.
  • Gift Cards for Classroom Supplies: The WPPC also funded $200 gift cards for each teacher to purchase necessary supplies for the coming year. Here’s some of what the teachers had to say:
“Thank you, thank you to all our wonderful WP parents for your generosity- it is very much appreciated. A gift card to Amazon would work well for me. Just as an FYI, last year I was able to purchase a wonderful new listening center for Room 10. Best wishes for a great school year!”
- Dianne Mogannam
“Thank you for doing this for us! And thanks to the parent club for providing us extra money for us to purchase things for our classroom.”
- Sally Ho
“Thanks so much for all your hard work - it is so appreciated!  What a busy summer! It was such a pleasant surprise to see the 15" paper trimmer when I returned to my classroom this week and I'm looking forward to the arrival of the new desks and chairs.  Thank you!”
- Marina DeGroot
  • 2015 – 2016 WPPC Priorities: In addition to all of the regularly scheduled resources and activities that the WPPC provides, in the coming year we will be focused on more campus improvements, after-school enrichment classes, teacher resources, and a new online school store. 

We hope to see many of you at our meetings this year. Please, don’t hesitate to ask us questions and contribute to our thriving school community.  See you soon!