WINE DRIVE for Spring Auction... THIS WEEK!

Fellow Parents,

Each year, the West Portal Parents Community hosts a Spring Auction to raise funds for our many school programs.  The Spring Auction is our largest fundraiser, outside of the Ed Fund drive.  Last year, we raised more than $70,000.  Moreover, it’s a fun opportunity for us parents to take a night off together and celebrate our hard work and energy in making West Portal Elementary a top California school for our children.  This year’s Auction will take place in March 19th.   


Wine Drive

December 7-11

Leave Bottles in School Office

(Minimum $10 Retail Value per Bottle)

We need your support to reach our fundraising goals.  One of our most popular auction categories is wine and spirits.  We are requesting parents to donate your favorite unopened bottles of wine and spirits to the spring auction.  If you love it, we’ll love it! 

We have worked with the school staff to setup an area in the school office where the bottles can be left.  Please fill out a donation form with the approximate retail value of the bottles so you receive proper credit and we can accurately list the value of each bottle at auction.  In the past, parents have donated 1 to 100 bottles of $10 to $250 per bottle.  All donations are graciously welcomed!


Kind Regards,


Meredith Barad
Co-Chair of the Auction Committee
First Grade Parent

PS: BEV MO has a 5 cent sale, where the second bottle of some types of wine is only 5 cents!