CIP Blog is now live!

Welcome parents to West Portal Elementary's Chinese Immersion Program Enrichment Community Blog! That's WPECIPECBLMNOP, and if you have to say it fast three times we'll reward you with one cookie.  Who are we? We are Bordon, Carolyn, F Vasquez, and Phyllis - Chairs of CIPEC. If your child is in CIP, then you are a member of the CIPECommunity.

Some of you may already know about CIPEC, some you have already attended meetings in the past, some of you we've already met, and some of you have probably wandered off. We'd like you all to be back. Make something of our meetings that make it meaningful to you. Add value to your attendance. Build this unique community and expand your support network beyond your child's classroom. If you child is in the 4th/5th grade, your experiential wisdom is needed to help out the newbie K/1 parents. This is the mission of your CIPEC Chairs - the BCFP (I'm just going to make an acronym of everything), but before any of this is deemed successful it starts with YOU.

We have an upcoming meeting on January 28th at 6PM in the Auditorium - please mark this on your calendar, and set aside an hour so that we can come together as a community. Because we're all so very busy, we will be serving dinner like our last meeting so that frees our evening responsibility of getting our last meal of the day in. The agenda is being shaped right now, and we invite your input - remember, the meeting is really about you and you expect you to tell you about what matters to you (I think that made sense). We will again be joined by our Vice Principal Cate Walters to discuss the school yard interactions between all of our kids - a don't miss it topic that is important to our kid's social well-being in the school. Also on the agenda is the news that Spring Fair Booths are back (baby)! After a 2yr hiatus, the CIP teachers and the CIPEC Chairs are gearing up to bring this fun event back for all of West Portal Elementary. If you weren't here, the Spring Fair is a showcase of neat Chinese cultural things such as crafting, art, food among other things with all of West Portal Elementary's kids attending. A great event that both General Education and Chinese Immersion Program students attend.  When is this going to happen, what specific activities will be there, and how do I get my epic idea for an activity booth in for this event? That will be one of the things we will talk about during the meeting, so please come with your ideas and comments. I will be pitching my idea for a fire juggling booth where the kids will learn in 30 seconds of instruction in how to handle flaming tennis balls and juggle them at a circus skill level without any protective gear at all like a pro. Whether or not that is a good idea is up to you, and I can only accept feedback for that excellent activity idea in person on the 28th.

Please check our Blog often, and let us know if there is anything you'd like to share with the community. As with the rest of our new website, we would like to make it the communication hub for the community. To share a tip, an article, or give us feedback, send an email to: CIPEC[at]westportalschool[dot com].