Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to our new website!  We hope you like it.  Our hope is that it will soon be abuzz as the new hub of communication for our West Portal community.

What's cool about the new site?  Well, a whole lot!  It has really beautiful pictures from all around the school.  It has a really simple design that's easy to get around.  And it is even available on your smart phones or tablets!

Our new website is designed to be VIBRANT and INTERESTING.  

You'll notice a steady stream of blog posts coming out throughout the week from all sorts of different authors.  Principal Will Lucey and Vice Principal Cate Walters will regularly be writing about what's going on around school and what's on their minds.  West Portal Parents Club board members will be writing about exciting events and topics that are being discussed at the Parents Club.  Chinese Immersion Program executive committee members will be keeping us informed about the latest goings on in CIP.  And we're hoping that teachers, staff members, parents, school district staff, community members, and even students will start to chime in with their own passions as the website picks up speed.

Our new website is designed to be INFORMATIVE and USEFUL.  

In little time at all, we're hoping it will become one stop shopping for all of your school information needs.  It will have interactive calendar listings for all of our school events.  It will have information about after school programs and events, student activities, and even basic necessities like a school lunch calendar.  You'll be able to quickly look up all the different kinds of volunteer positions where the school can use your help and all of the ways you can earn free money for the school just by shopping at the places you already shop.  And there will be listings of deals at local merchants where you can save money just because you are a member of the West Portal school community.

Last but certainly not least, our new website is designed to keep us CONNECTED AS A COMMUNITY. 

Come here often to hear the latest news and never miss a big announcement.  Learn about what's happening in the General Education program if you are in Chinese Immersion or vice versa.  Find out where the next community building event is being held so you can come out and meet fellow parents.  Or check out when our students, staff, or families are out there doing some incredible things.  Here's some good news: just about everything that is published to the website will automatically be posted to our school's Facebook page.  Pretty nifty, eh?  

Since the website is brand spanking new, there are still a lot of things that we haven't built into it yet.  So let us know: is there something you'd like to see that's not here?  Please send an email to web@westportalschool.com with any kind of feedback you'd like to share.

Our new website is our shared community space.  With your help and regular visits, it can become anything we want it to be.