What's a "Bucket Filler"?

Have you been wondering what the “tickets” are that your child keeps talking about?  Well…we’re very excited to announce a new positive behavior program at West Portal School – our Bucket Filling Program. 

The goal is to catch students in the act of being bucket fillers.  Whenever an adult sees a student or students doing something that promotes being responsible, respectful, kind, or safe they will hand a ticket to the student.  The student writes their name on the ticket and drops it in their classroom buckets.  Each Friday, student council members collect tickets. We will be posting them on our giant school bucket --  it is in the process of being erected in the hallway outside the auditorium! 

The goal with this new program is to focus on positive behavior and reward those who make and continue to make good choices.  Research has shown that strong school wide positive behavior systems eradicate the vast majority of problematic behavior.  It also supports our students having positive interactions with all adults in the buildings, not just their teachers. as all staff have tickets to handout when they witness the type of behavior we want to see at school.    

As with any new program, this is a work in progress and we will need time to reflect and adjust as we move forward to ensure its success.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated with any changes.   

Don’t forget to ask your kids periodically, if they’ve been bucket fillers, if they’ve been “caught in the act” of filling someone’s bucket.  Or, better yet, come by school and check out the buckets up in the hallway of the auditorium.  

See you soon!

Cate Walter
Assistant Principal, West Portal Elementary School