My Courageous Principal Experience

This is my first blog entry. I am very excited about the opportunity to share my experiences and our schools happenings with the West Portal community and beyond.

I was extremely fortunate this past weekend to attend the "Courageous Principal: From Insight to Action" conference in Dallas. There were about 50 representatives from SFUSD which included Richard Caranza, our school district superintendent.  We boarded planes at 5:30 am last Friday and spent three days at the Delloite University at the Leadership Center for Community Impact.  During our time there, we had an opportunity to learn, network and develop both professionally and personally. It allowed me the opportunity to reflect and learn about myself as leader and to gain knowledge and skills that will benefit me as a school leader.

The three days were designed to spend a great deal of the time working and interacting with colleagues, mostly principals from all levels of K-12 education. I came away with a great appreciation of how vitally important it is to have a deep understanding of all the stakeholders in our community and that real positive change starts with this understanding. I am more energized and excited to work with the West Portal Community on constantly improving our support and services for our students and families.

Will Lucey
Principal, West Portal Elementary School