West Portal Elementary is fortunate to have a multitude of programs that help us raise money.  Please participate in as many as you can.  Every one of them is an incredibly simple program that earns valuable money back for our school... at absolutely no additional costs to you.  And if you sign up for multiple programs, especially eScrip and Shoparoo, we can even get paid twice on the same purchases sometimes!

Click the logos below for more information.

Click on the logo to the left before you shop at Amazon to earn money back for the school.  You'll be taken to a page that give all the instructions for how we can get the most money from Amazon, along with a logo for you to click on that will take you right there.

To start earning money for the school just by shopping, click here.

Growing Up Green Weeks 2017-2018

Growing Up Green Weeks 2017-2018

2018 DATES
Jan 12 - 21
Feb 9 - 18
Mar 23 - April 1

Shop at any Sloat Garden Center location during your school’s Growing up Green week, mention your school, and your school will receive 10% of purchases back in the form of a Sloat gift card, which can go towards your school’s beautification projects, fundraisers or classroom activities. The school with the highest participation will receive 20% of purchases back.
Please note: Purchase of gift cards do not apply.
Just mention your school to the cashier!

Buy gift cards from hundreds of stores such as Target and Whole Foods to earn us money. Click here for full list.

It's easy and costs you nothing.  To find out how it all works, click here.

Mobile app that quickly and anonymously turns your grocery receipts into cash for our school.  Very easy to use.

Click here for more information.

Register your credit cards, debit cards, or Safeway card for automatic and effortless cash back.

Click here for more information.

Clip box top labels off select General Mills products for cash.

Click here for more information.

Come by the school office to get your own Lucky's SHARES card. Then just swipe the card every time you shop at Lucky's and the school gets up to 3% of your purchase back.


Save Money, Use Less Energy, and Help West Portal School!

Seems too good to be true but now you can do all three at one time! 

A company called OhmConnect will pay us to cut our power consumption on days where California is expected to use too much energy. Once or twice a week, the day before one of these high use days, OhmConnect will contact you and ask you to reduce your energy usage for a certain period of time, usually during the evening. You can turn off lights or computers, have a candle lit dinner, make it a game with the kids. The more energy we save, the more points we earn, the more money for West Portal School. FAQ

How To Join?
Sign up as a member of our school team. You can ask your friends and family to join as well. 

Just go here: