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Merchant Programs


How can I earn A LOT of money for West Portal Elementary while shopping at Amazon?

Glad you asked!  Done right, simply shopping at Amazon can be one of the best fundraising deals our school has.

Here's the simple guide to what to do:

  1. First, buy Amazon gift cards through our ShopWithScrip program.  The details can be found here.**
  2. Then, click through this Amazon Affiliate ad below, or the similar one that appears on our home page.
  3. Pay with your gift cards when checking out.



** Customers who are unable to pick up physical gift cards at the school should choose to buy electronic ones via the ShopWithScrip ScripNow program.

Here's another tip: bookmark this page so you can come here easily every time you want to shop.

Why is this the best way to shop at Amazon?

Every time you buy an Amazon gift card at ShopWithScrip, the school gets 3% of your purchase amount back.  Then when you click through this Affiliate ad before you buy, Amazon sends us anywhere from 4 - 8.5% back, depending on volume (so please buy a lot, it's good for the school!).  Added together, we get anywhere from 7 - 11.5% of your purchase back as money paid directly to the school, with absolutely no additional cost to you.  If you buy $100 worth of goods, for example, it still only costs you $100.  But if you follow these instructions every time, the school can earn up to $11.50 a pop!


Q: What about Amazon Smiles?  Should I participate in that, too?

We very much appreciate the great work that Amazon is doing with Amazon Smiles.  However, we would only get 0.5% back from that program compared to the 4 - 8.5% we get back from the Affiliate program when you click through our website EVEN if you click through our site.  So we encourage people NOT to sigh up for Amazon Smiles, but rather to use the steps listed above instead.

Q: What do I do if I don't have any gift cards with which to pay?

While we prefer to get the additional benefit of the gift card purchase, something is always better than nothing.  So please go ahead and do your purchase by clicking through the Affiliate ad on our website, then please remember to buy the gift cards before your next purchase so you can have them on the ready.  But either way, thank you for thinking of the school!

Q: Are there any gotchas about which I should know?

There's one.  If you use the shopping cart, either before clicking through the Affiliate ad on our website to check out or after saving to the shopping cart and then returning without clicking through the Affiliate ad, we won't be credited for the sale.  The remedy is simple.  If you ALWAYS go through the ad on our website before visiting Amazon you can never go wrong.

Q: What if I'm just about to buy something but I forgot to click through the ad?  Can I still get money back to the school?

Yes, but unfortunately you'd have to go back to our website, click on the ad, and start that shopping over again.  Pleas see the answer to the last question to understand why.

Q: Who can buy on Amazon from our website?

Abolutely anyone!  So please forward these instrauctions to Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Neighbors -- anyone who you think might say yes!  This way we'd make even more money for the school.

Q: What if I don't live close enough to the school to pick up a physical gift card?

Have no fear.  Amazon gift cards are available electronically via the ScripNow program that ShopWithScrip offers.  The school gets the same 3% back.  In fact, even if you do live near the school you might enjoy using ScripNow for convenience.

Shop With Scrip - Frequently Asked Questions

What is "scrip"?

Scrip is just another word for money you can shop with.  In this case, this money comes in the form of gift cards.

Is there any difference between the gift cards I get from ShopWithScrip and ones that I'd just buy in the stores?

No.  There are no additional limitations on how your gift cards can be used.

Will buying scrip cost me any money?

Buying gift cards this way doesn't cost you any additional money at all beyond the face value of the gift cards themselves.  The rebate earned by the school is deducted from the amount the retailer actually recieves -- it's their donation to our school.  Please note that if you do choose to pay via PrestoPay (which speeds your order and which we greatly prefer), a small $0.39 fee is added to your order.


Can people outside of the West Portal community buy scrip through our program?

Absolutely!  Just ask them to sign up directly.  However, someone will have to arrange for their gift cards to be picked up at the school.  Please have them sign up listing the student, teacher, and room number for the family who will pick up their gift cards.


Will ShopWithScrip.com share my private information with anyone else?

They promise they won't, and the full details are in their privacy statement.


Can I pay by credit card?

No.  The reason for this is that the percentage that credit card companies charge for their services is high enough to make it not worthwhile (generally) for people to buy scrip this way.  We'd rather your money stay with you or go to the school than go to credit card companies with reduced benefit to us.


I'm in a rush.  How quickly can I pick up some scrip gift cards?

If you have already signed up for PrestoPay, you can purchase the gift cards that are listed in the ScripNow! program immediately and also refill any refillable gift cards immediately as well.  If you don't have PrestoPay, you will have to wait until the next order is placed, which happens every week for orders paid in full before 9am on Friday.  We encourage everyone to activate PrestoPay for faster service, but unfortunately the activation process takes approximately 4 days to complete.


Can my kids pick up my scrip at the office?

Not currently.  Scrip cards must be signed out when picked up at the office, and children cannot sign for their receipt.  However, we are considering using permission slips for children to pick these up themselves.  Feedback on how to implement such a plan is welcome at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Where does the scrip money go?

The proceeds from this program go into the general funds for the West Portal Parents Club.  See here for a sample list of the critically important programs we fund.


How do I know ShopWithScrip.com can be trusted?

One of the reasons we selected this program is that they are used by over 14,000 non-profits across the entire Unted States.  They have been around since 1994 and have raised over $400 million for organizations like ours during that time.  Other SFUSD schools also use this program.  So reputationally, this is a very well-established and trusted firm.


If I use PrestoPay, is my bank account information safe?

According to their website, yes.  The system they use is the same system that banks use to ACH transfer money between themselves, and is claimed to be extremely secure.


Can I use paper forms to order my gift cards?

Not at this time.  If you have special needs for placing an order, please email our Scrip Coordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Are scrip purchases tax deductible?

Unfortunately not, because you receive the full face value for your purchase.  But the proceeds of your rebates are still greatly appreciated by the school!


Who can I contact with further questions?

You can contact ShopWithScrip directly at 1-800-727-4715 or via email at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  You can also contact our Scrip Coordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Shop With Scrip

"Scrip" is another word for money you can shop with.  ShopWithScrip.com sells scrip as gift cards from hundreds of national and local retailers.  Every time you buy a gift card through them, the school gets 2%-25% of your purchase money as a donation.  All of this is at no cost to you!

The real beauty of this program is that you're helping the school by doing little more than shopping for items you would normally buy anyway.

If all West Portal families participate, the money can really add up.  Some SF schools make over $40,000 a year this way!  We'll make even more money if you refer friends and family to this page to sign up, too.


Website | Flyer | FAQ

Top Gift Cards

View Full List -- Hundreds of Retailers



First Time Customers Registered Customers - Place an Order
  1. Create an account at ShopWithScrip.com.  Our Enrollment Code is 2C5L514738262.
  2. You can use your email address as your "Username". 
  3. Please provide student and teacher's names.  For "Student Name", please list your oldest student. For "Teacher Name", be sure to put your room number, too.
  4. After you have enrolled, please strongly consider enrolling in PrestoPay* by clicking the link at the top of your ShopWithScrip page.  This payment service will allow you to buy scrip instantly through ScripNow! and also save you the trouble of needing to pay by check.
  5. Place your order using the instructions for Registered Customers to the right.
  1. Place your order at ShopWithScrip.com.
  2. There are two ways to pay:
    1. PrestoPay* (strongly preferred): Use ShopWithScrip's own payment system for fastest and easiest service.
    2. Pay by Check: Stop by the office and drop off a check made out to "West Portal Parents Club" with your order number on the memo line. Orders will only be placed after checks are received, so make sure yours is in before the ordering deadline.
  3. Orders will be placed on the second and fourth Fridays of each month at 9am. Only orders that have been paid in full will be placed.
  4. Orders can be picked up in the office the following Wednesdays or Fridays from 8:30-9.  Ask for Wendi Stern, Scrip Coordinator.

 *Note that PrestoPay accounts take about 4 days to fully activate.  If you need your first order faster, pay by check.

Still have questions?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions list.

Our school's Scrip Coordinator is Wendi Stern.  She can be reached with questions at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Box Tops for Education

West Portal School participates in the General Mills Box Tops for Education program.  We gets 10 cents for each Box Top we collect so the more we collect, the more cash we earn!

Qualifying box top labels with the General Mills Box Tops for Education coupon can be found on the side panel or top flap of participating products.  Please note that Box Tops with expiration dates of 2010 and earlier are no longer redeemable and should be discarded.

List of General Mills Products that contain Box Tops for Education coupons

Please send your Box Tops for Education coupons to school with your child in a Ziploc bag and turn them in to your classroom teacher.  Please write your child’s name and room number on the Ziploc bag label so it can be returned to you for reuse throughout the school year.

Please note that we do not collect Campbell soup labels or Betty Crocker points so please do not turn these in with your Box Tops. 

If you have any questions about the program, please visit the General Mills website at www.boxtops4education.com.


Sequoia Real Estate: Cash For Schools Program

Hi, my name is Tony Ngo and I’m a Realtor at Sequoia Real Estate.  Our business is real estate, and that keeps us plenty busy; but we make it our business to stay in touch with and support our neighborhood schools and organizations.
We believe that our children are the key to a thriving San Francisco for future generations.  Investing in our schools is one way we can help fuel their ambitions and encourage their successes.  That's why we are giving money directly to our schools through our Cash for Schools Program.
Through our program, when you buy or sell a home with me, Sequoia will donate ten percent of the commission on your behalf to West Portal PTA.  The money raised will help support educational and enrichment services that benefit all students at West Portal.  You will benefit from Sequoia's elite customer service, including complimentary home staging and a full service support team to meet all of your needs.  And as a bonus, the school gets money.
You're happy.  Our schools are happy.  Our kids continue to thrive. 
Tony Ngo, Realtor
Certified Distressed Property Expert
DRE #0183629
Sequoia Real Estate
Office: 415.702.9184 | Mobile: 415.317.5525
“Taking Real Estate to Another Level.”
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eScrip sends a portion of every purchase that you make from a wide selection of online or local stores straight to West Portal School. This is free money for the school to use and takes very little effort to enroll and use. Please sign up and participate!

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